Local Gymnasts Head to National Training Center

This summer 3000 gymnasts ages 7-10 tested all over the United States in the TOPS program (Talent Opportunity Program) run by USA gymnastics. The girls were tested on strength and flexibility along with certain skills. The top 300 girls qualified to Nationals held in October at the National Training Center (Karolyi Ranch) in Waverly, Texas. The girls were tested for two days by the National staff under the watchful eye of Valeri Liukin. The top 50 girls made the National TOPS "A" team. The next 60 made the "B" team.  Both teams have been invited back this week to have the opportunity, with their coaches, to train with the National staff. The A team camp will attend Dec 4-7 while B team will attend Dec 8-11.  The youngest Illinois gymnasts that qualified are: Cassidy Carn (Naperville), Katie Lagman (Oswego) and  Amelia Greenfield (Naperville). Cassidy and Katie qualified to the "B" team while Amelia Qualified to the "A" team.   All three girls are 8 yrs old and the only 8 year olds that qualified from our state. Cassidy attends Naperville Gymnastics in Naperville, IL and is coached by Shannon Murphy, Brittany and Matt Delk and Keith Carter. Amelia and Katie attend Premier West Gymnastics in Oswego and are coached by Diane and Ashley OBrien, Jason Enke and Kyle Denboer.
Ken Carn December 05, 2013 at 09:18 AM
Cassidy Carlin must have a twin named Cassidy Carn in Naperville. They are identical! Cassidy Carlins probably the better gymnast of the two......I'm just saying.
Leanne December 05, 2013 at 01:11 PM
My apologies....I have corrected it!!!
Ken Carn December 05, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Leanne.....no worries. I was just having fun. The article was really well written. Thanks! Only a parent would know.


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