Oswego Spring Youth Lacrosse League

It's almost that time of year again; the time we're all looking forward to.

The Sun will be showing itself more frequently and staying out longer each day, the snow will start to melt, temperatures will rise and we'll be seeing that sweet green grass growing in anticipation of all that wonderful SPRING LACROSSE we're about to play...

New Wave Lacrosse has partnered with local Park Districts to offer the best Spring Youth Lacrosse program around!

Lacrosse is a great collegiate sport that has been around for hundreds of years and is now SPREADING like wildfire through the midwest!

Sign up and open your eyes to a whole new sport you're sure to love! Programs offered for grades K - 8. Season soon, and spot fill quickly. Just click the register button below to secure your spot!

  • U7 Born on or after 9/1/06
  • 35031
  • U9 Born on or after 9/1/04
    • 35027
  • U11: Born on or after 9/1/02
    • 35028
  • U13 Born on or after 9/1/00
    • 35029
  • U15: Born on or after 9/1/98
    • 35030
    To Register Click Here


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