Cover-up Tattoo Organization INK 180 Hosting Bracelet Fundraiser

Ink 180 helps old gang members or victims of domestic sex trafficking cover up their tattoos.

Ink 180, known as a Ministry of Ink, exists to help others.

The 100 percent charitable organization run by Chris Baker helps victims of domestic sex trafficking and old gang members looking for a new start at life to cover up old tattoos or markings.

“I love helping the people I work with as they move away from horrific life circumstances into productive lives,” said Baker.

Baker, who does all of the inking and designs himself, will cover tattoos completely for free so that people can move forward, or do a 180, with their lives.

But the process costs money and Baker is looking to raise funds through a bracelet fundraiser.

The bracelets, pictured in the photo attached, are $5 a piece and all proceeds go towards supplies for the cover-up tattoos.

Baker, also a member of the leadership team at Big Life Community Church in Oswego, will be selling the bracelets before and after the 10:45 a.m. service on Sunday at Oswego East High School.

Donations can also be made online through the Ink 180 website.

Baker said during the service he’ll share stories about the change he’s seen in his “clients” after they’ve received their tattoos.

For more information on Ink 180, visit the website or check out the Facebook page.  


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