Know Your Neighbor: Gina Sendef

Oswego resident drew inspiration from her three children for her book, "Truth Works, Divine Life Lessons for Kids of All Ages."

Oswego mom, Gina Sendef, fulfilled a lifelong dream when she recently published her book about life lessons for kids of all ages.

Sendef said her three children: Jessica,13; Ryan,11; and Jakob, 7, are the source of inspiration for her book, Truth Works, Divine Life Lessons for Kids of All Ages.

“It’s about the power of words. You change your words and you change your life,” she said. “People do not understand the impact of the words they use.”

Writing a book has always been Sendef’s dream.

“I remember being nine years old. I’d watch a movie and then write a book about what happened to the characters…Writing a book has been a lifelong quest. In the last three years it’s been an obsession and I prayed a lot for inspiration,” Sendef said.

Sendef knows the exact conversation which started her on the route of writing this book. Her daughter, then 13, came home from school upset because she felt unfairly punished by a teacher. The teacher had responded to her that ‘life isn’t fair’ and she was upset by this comment.

This comment got the ball rolling for Sendef.

“I believe and teach my kids that life is what you make it and you create your own dreams. I don’t believe in the victim stance of comments like ‘life isn’t fair,’” Sendef said.

Sendef selected common sayings with negative connotations and dedicated a chapter to discuss the underlying negativity of each of the phrases.

“I turn the sayings upside down to understand the negative impact the sayings can have, especially on a child,” she said.

Sendef provided an example lesson she applied to her own life: Instead of saying 'we can't afford that,' Sendef chooses to say, 'How can we save money for that?' Instead of just shutting kids down, we can create what they need to get them there, she said.

Sendef dedicated 18 months to writing Truth Works, finishing in June 2012. She chose to self-publish her book, so she maintains the rights.

Truth Works is available through Balboa Press and also through amazon.com. The book is available in hard cover, paperback and Kindle Edition.

Currently, these local stores offer Sendef’s book:

  • Experience Salon, 105 Main St., Oswego
  • Satya Healing Market (inside Sense of Samadhi Yoga Studio), 102 E. Schoolhouse Rd., Yorkville
  • Sages Amongst Us Book Store, 15116 Des Plaines St., Plainfield

Jill Kvetan, owner of Oswego’s Experience Salon, offers Sendef’s book to customers because of its positivity.

“I’ve never read anything like it. It’s such an incredible book. It made me feel good and made me think more positively. It allows you to be happy and find the good everywhere,” Kvetan said.

Sendef said her book is more than just a parenting book and the range of audience is for children age 10 and older up to adulthood.

“This is a self-help book that you can share with your kids. You can read this book together, which is a rare thing with self-help books,” she said.

Jason Pesola of Pesola Media Group has known Sendef as a friend and business colleague for more than 20 years. Pesola Media Group designed Sendef’s book cover and website.

“Gina is a success story. She had an idea and one day made the decision to take that idea and make something out of it…She is an inspiration for anyone - take your ideas and run with them,” Pesola said.

“Gina is living what her book teaches. The book just poured out of her. She lives and breathes the lessons she shares through her book,” Pesola said.

Sendef plans a follow-up book on traditional life lessons that are grounded in positivity. She blogs for sites such as: vividlife.me and writes a monthly Spirit Works newsletter, available through her website.

Sendef has lived in Oswego since 2001. She is involved with the schools and the Panther Soccer Club.

jill e October 14, 2012 at 12:35 PM
I have begun reading Gina's Book and have really starting incorporating these "better word choices" it makes such a big difference in how I speak to my children. It also makes me stop and think before I speak to both adults and children and how the words I choose will impact them.I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference.
gina sendef October 14, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Thank you Oswego Patch and Summer Scott for helping spread the word about my book :-)
Tairi Kearns November 06, 2012 at 03:14 AM
I have worked with gina on several events- she is an absolute joy to be around- her energy is uplifting and powerful. This book is a must have for anyone with children or anyone that comes in contact with children-!


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