Would-Be Parents: Meet Orphans Juan & Angelica

by Erin Gallagher

Two orphan children from Colombia are traveling to Illinois in August. They think they are coming for a vacation. However, the organization that is bringing them over, Kidsave, hopes they will meet new parents.

Kidsave is having three family-oriented events, to meet Juan, 11, and Angelica, 12. Two events are in Will County, and one is in Grundy County. Both kids will be at all the events.

The group is asking people who may be interested in meeting Juan and Angelica to contact deltak@kidsave.org.

The organization likes to talk to potential parents before giving a lot of details about the events, according to Anne Rasmusson. She and her husband, Eric, are hosting the two for their American vacation.

"Angelica is a responsible, outgoing, resilient and loving girl," said a Kidsave flyer. "She is good at singing, painting and playing sports. She and her brother have a close relationship and they support and care for each other."

"Juan is a funny, caring and cheerful boy," the flyer said. "He enjoys art, music, singing, painting and playing soccer. In school, he does well in all of his subjects, but especially math and science because he likes logic and research."

Kidsave is a non-profit organization. It has an 82 percent adoption rate, Rasmussen said. In 1999, Kidsave gave 177 older children American vacations and 97 percent were adopted, according to www.kidsave.org.

"Kidsave works to create change so older forgotten orphanage and foster kids grow up in families and connected to sharing adults," the website says.

For more information about Juan and Angelica, and to learn about the events, email deltak@kidsave.org.


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