Oswego East Graduate Publishes First Novel

The 2008 grad turned sci-fi author released "Immanent Death" in October.

24-year-old Zach Pearson has also released a second short novel titled "Less Lonely Now."
24-year-old Zach Pearson has also released a second short novel titled "Less Lonely Now."
An Oswego East High School graduate is now a published author.

Zach Pearson, a member of the OEHS class of 2008 and a recent DePaul University graduate, self-published his first novel "Immanent Death," in October.

Pearson, 24, said the novel is divided into three parts, each with a different sci-fi theme.

"All three are sort of bonded by this two-fold philosophical concept," Pearson said, " ... that the things we experience on a day-to-day basis are all linked together by imagination."

The novel, published under the name Z. Marick Pearson, is currently available as an e-book on iTunes, BN.com and Amazon.com, and Pearson hopes a printed edition will be available this week. 

Pearson, a longtime fan of sci-fi movies, said he never went through the process of pitching the book to major publishers.

"I just wanted to take advantage of what I saw as a great opportunity," he said, explaining that self-publishing gave him creative control over the novel and the cover design.

"Not only did I have that control, but it forced me to learn a lot of new skills," he said.

Pearson's second offering, the short novel "Less Lonely Now," was released last week and is also available on iTunes, Amazon and BN.com.


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