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Indies Only: Oswego Woman a Natural at Skin Care Business

Intended Naturals products found in local shops.

Intended Naturals natural skin care and home care products are popping up in popular Oswego locations such as and .

Owner Krista Maier moved to Oswego in August 2010, and her natural products are quickly gaining popularity.

“Most of my products have five ingredients or less,” said Maier. “The only part that isn’t 100 percent natural is the scent or flavored oils and they are a minimum of 98 percent natural. 

"Our skin is the largest organ in our body and what you put on your skin goes right into the blood stream,” said Maier. “People have so many allergies and compromised immune systems. Our body doesn’t need to fight anything more. I believe small changes can make a big difference in our health.”

Maria Spaeth discovered Intended Naturals at an Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom open house.

Spaeth, a dietitian by profession, said she is concerned with how chemicals impact our lives.

“They affect how we feel, look and our health,” she said. “It just makes sense to use natural products on our skin and keep things pure. I would much rather put basic things from nature onto my skin.”

Intended Naturals Lip Butter costs $3 and is available in flavors ranging from honey to margarita and holiday flavors like sugar cookie and champagne. Lotion bars are $5 for a 1 oz purse size or $9 for a 3 oz full-size bar. Intended Naturals also offers a natural insect repellent mist, foot salve, salt scrubs, and foaming hand wash. All products are hand made, packaged and labeled by Maier.

Maier started Intended Naturals in Fort Wayne, Ind. and restarted in Oswego when her husband was relocated in August 2010.

“I was visiting Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom last fall and was blown away. I’d never seen anything like it,” said Maier. “The owner, Chris Demiduk and I hit it off and Emerson Creek started carrying my products.”

Maier previously conducted most of her business at holiday shows and farmer’s markets.

“Being able to wholesale my items to local businesses makes my business more sustainable and more year-round," she said.

When agreed to sell Intended Naturals products, Maier created a special Café Latte Lip Butter.

“I try to put the business name on my label and help to set up displays and signs to make it easier on the business,” she said.

Maier said she has every intention of expanding her business.

“I hope to become busy enough to employ other stay at home moms to help with the labeling and packaging. I’d love to help others earn some grocery money,” said Maier.

Maier puts time and effort into the little details, making sure her packaging is attractive. She creates custom gift baskets and has made bridal shower favors.

Maier welcomes customer feedback and has created new scents based on recommendations. She is also flexible, offering to ship, deliver or arrange pick-up of ordered products.

Visit Maier at the following upcoming shows:

  • October 8 & 9 – Fall Festival at Emerson Creek Pottery and Tea Room
  • November 5 – Annual Craft Show & Exhibition
  • November 10 – 12 – Christmas Festival at Emerson Creek Pottery and Tea Room
  • November 19 – Christmas Bazaar at the
  • December 3 – Winter Wonderland Holiday Market at Fox Ridge Elementary, St. Charles

Contact Maier to place an order at 630-636-9215 or krista@intendednaturals.com or purchase her products at: Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom, The Village Grind, Amy’s OrganicsKnutson’s Country Harvest.


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