Turn That Halloween Candy Into Cash and Support the Troops

Stonehill Dental in Oswego will pay kids $1 per pound for donated Halloween candy, up to a maximum of five pounds per child, to be sent to troops serving overseas.

In just a couple weeks, costume-clad kids will be milling through the neighborhoods with pillowcases and shopping bags in hand, in search of Halloween candy.

The staff at Stonehill Dental, 60 Main St., Oswego, hope those kids will be willing to part with some of their haul and send it to the troops overseas through the business’ first-ever Halloween Candy Buy-Back program.

Stonehill Dental will pay trick-or-treaters who bring in candy $1 for each pound, up to a maximum of five pounds per child.

The Buy-Back program will be held from 3:30 to 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4. At that time, kids will also be able to send their own personal message to the troops thanking them for their service.

Kids who participate will receive a goody bag from Stonehill Dental, thanking them for their support.

The practice is headed by Drs. Shalini Mohan and Jeffrey J. Hynek.

The Buy-Back initiative is the brainchild of Mohan.

“She has a friend that has done it (at her practice) and it went over really well,” said Heidi Moag, a dental assistant at Stonehill Dental.

Moag calls the initiative “a win-win situation.”

“We’re getting some of the candy which of course can cause cavities away from the kids and we’re sending it to the troops who could really use something sweet every once in awhile,” she said.

While it may be tough seperating kids from their candy, Moag said most will want to because it goes to the troops.

“Even my kids, from talking to them about it, have said, ‘Oh yeah, that would awesome,’” Moag said.

For more information, call Stonehill Dental at (630) 554-7725.

Jeff Guenther October 18, 2011 at 01:22 PM
Really you want to do this? Trick and Treats are fond memories in most kids life’s. Run around once a year with your friends, brothers and sisters with no cares and innocents of childhood. Do you want to take this from them? The harsh realities of life come soon enough, I don’t believe it needs to start at 2-10 years old. No I don't agree. I am all for support of our military troops. Managing a drive to send candy to the troops and asking for adult support, OK. Let’s give the little ones their day of fun.
Jeannie LaMarre October 18, 2011 at 01:28 PM
With 5 kids trick or treating, we have always ended up with LOTS of candy, way too much! I often end up sending some of it to their teachers. We would be happy to share some with our troops!!


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