Your favorite android on prepaid!!! $40

Flash your android phone today!!!
$40 Flashes!!!
$5 Rooting with Titanium Backup Pro!!!

Call, Text, or Email Me!!!

Are you tired of high costing cell phone bills from your carrier?
Well come have your favorite phone flashed.
20-30 minutes of your time!
All phones are fully flashed with talk, text, mms, and 3g.
All flashes are done remotely!

You can watch me go to work on your phone from your computer through software listed below.
Software: Team Viewer
Software: USB Over Network
Software: Log Me In

Straight Talk service $45 + tax
Verizon Prepaid service starts at $35 + tax
Page Plus service straights at $29.99 - tax

Sprint phones No Problem
Verizon phones No problem

Phones that can be flashed!!!
Galaxy S,S2,S3,S4
Note,Note 2,Note 3
HTC Phones
LG phones
and Others

There is always a money back guarantee "IF" flash is not successful!
There is a lifetime re-flash if anything happens to your phone(data stop working,Factory resets,etc)
I do not stop working for you once the flash is over any questions or troubleshooting needed I will be there to serve you!
Also, I train others on how to flash phones the RIGHT WAY!!
Training $150

Straight Talk, Verizon Prepaid, Page plus

Payment options currently is PayPal
PayPal: Mrhunter13@hotmail.com or 331-431-9546


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