Kendall County Property Tax Revolt - A New Beginning

A big thank you to over 300 taxpayers who came out to the Property Tax Revolt Day gathering! Judie & Don Burks and I were not sure what to expect but the crowd was overwhelming! Thank you all!

A big thank you to over 300 taxpayers who came out to the Property Tax Revolt Day gathering! Judie & Don Burks and I were not sure what to expect but the crowd was overwhelming! Thank you all! We enjoyed the frank discussions with everyone and heard too many stories of people who were leaving the area unable to pay the ever-increasing property tax bill. There were many older taxpayers living on fixed incomes but there were plenty of younger taxpayers who were actually looking at their tax bills. There was plenty of pain to go around.

Most asked what they could do. First step is to prepare for your appeal now. Don’t wait for the assessment to come in the mail. You have nice weather and plenty of time to find comparable properties or hire an appraiser. From what I heard time and time again yesterday was, “Don’t stop with the Board of Review. Take it to PTAB/the State.” Many, many times people were refused by the BOR only to win at the state level. The government doesn’t make it easy for you and they never will. Many people told us of states like Washington, Florida, Missouri, and Arizona whose property taxes for a $200,000-$300,000 home would be less than $2,000. Some as low as $1,000 for the same home in Kendall County whose taxes are $5,000-$12,000. Too many people think we can’t lower the taxes but look at just a few states who have found a way. Their schools, counties, and cities are flourishing with foreclosures galore. The question we need to ask is how come they can but we can’t?

The next step for our group is to organize and begin the research and rallies. They haven’t seen the end of us – only the beginning. I am setting up the email list right now and am asking any others who would like to be kept informed and/or to join the group to send me an email at: kendallcounty@gmail.com. If you have any expertise at all, we welcome it. Watch your email for an announcement soon. The subject line will be “tax protest.” I will attach the flyers and handouts from yesterday to everyone. Many wanted copies of the information.

We are a very diverse group from all over the county whose needs vary greatly due to school referendums, park districts, bonds, and much more but we are all in the same boat. We must put each group together to fight the battles in their own backyards. We are fighting different battles but we are all in the same war to be taxed fairly and cut the unnecessary spending. The war has just begun to hold people accountable, lower our tax bill, so we can all stay in our homes. Join us and help to find solutions.

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Greg O'Neil July 10, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Tim, Many of us didn't move here from Hoosierville, we've lived here all our lives. Many are on fixed incomes, retired, or layed off and do not have additional resources to spend. It has nothing to with choices. I guess at 30 you just don't get it. At least have the guts to put your full name on the blog, we've had a number of fakers on the Patch and until you identify yourself, you can't and won't be taken seriously. For all we know you are not what or who you say, for that matter who cares what you think.
Tim July 10, 2012 at 07:09 PM
You are confusing the definition of 'few' with 'many'. You can claim you have guts all day long. Thank you for proving that this is all about status, greed, and ego, and not sound financial choices. No amount of personal attacks you will make against me will change my financial situation. Do you think it will change yours?
Danni July 11, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Every blog has a "Tim". He is clearly clairvoyant as he has planned his present and future for total financial security and nothing will ever happen to him that he has not incorporated into his life plan. He will never be a victim of circumstance-he knows every circumstance he will encounter in his next 1-80 years, because he is clairvoyant; he knows exactly how much medical care he will need because he is clairvoyant; he knows exactly what his career path will be because he is clairvoyant; he knows which business to start, which employer to avoid, because he is clairvoyant; he knows exactly which investments will achieve his goal because he is clairvoyant; he knows I will not bother to address anything more he has to write on this post, because he is clairvoyant.
Danni July 12, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Greg and Russ-I hope to meet you at at the Rally Friday-we are on the same page, the only plausible, reasonable, workable, inevitable and yearned for page.
Danni July 12, 2012 at 04:40 PM
And let us not harbor any unrealistic impression of the "Tim" who tells us how he has it all together financially-his "like" for the "interest deduction", preferable to using his funds on hand to pay off his mortgage- here's where he reveals his true, and doubtful, money management skills that have gained him the wealth he claims at 30 years old, excluding an inheritance or marrying well: fact-there is no, none, nada , a less expensive, more financially beneficial way to pay for anything, other than cash. Perhaps one charges everything, but pays the entire bill each month-that's prudent-that's using an interest free loan, and only interest free loans are financially, good planning-do we think Tim has an interest free mortgage? I don't. I think Tim is living in a one-bedroom rented apartment, outside parking for his faded blue 1991 Jimmy, the persistant smells of pan fried perch and curry, the 3:00 AM crying babies, blasting boom boxes, fighting partners and slamming doors, the only "status" he can afford with his "income" problem. But, if he were to have a greenback curriculum vitae-I surely could use his help-which he surely would give to all of us with our "income problem" , unless he is a sociopath.


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