Fantasy Football Fanatics: Pick up and Drops After Week Three

Are the replacement refs hurting your team?

Three weeks in there are quite few things to think about. 

Replacement Refs

What will it take to get the real refs back to work?  Bad call and injuries happen every week, but some of these calls are costing a team a win. Who had the 49ers losing last week to the Vikings?  New Orleans 0 and 3, I guess a head coach does make a difference.   

Bye Weeks

Here come the bye weeks.  Do not panic but you need to make sure you are planning ahead for them.   This week we only have 2 teams on byes( Indianapolis and Pittsburgh)  It’ll get worse in the coming weeks.   

Grab ‘em if you can: 


  1. Andy Dalton, Bengals –  I thought he would be a solid back up but it’s time to think about having him in your starting line up each week.  (He will be in mine this week. Good bye, Tony Romo). 

Running backs:

  1. Tashard Choice, Bills – Time to step up into the starting role.  The Bills are going to run out of players at this pace.
  2. Danny Woodhead, Patriots – If you pick him up, just understand that his head coach doesn’t always tell you who is going to play. 
  3. Jaquizz Rodgers, Falcons –  I think his time is coming soon, although it may be a couple of weeks away. 


  1. Ramses Barden, NY Giants – Filled in last week and will continue to see more snaps.

 Cut ‘em loose

  1. Jason Witten, Cowboys – I think between the injury and the way the Cowboys are playing it would be best to find a better option for a while.
  2. Ronnie Brown, Chargers – He is going to be a back up and that just doesn’t make him worth a spot on your team.
  3. Roy Helu, Redskins – He is falling to 3rd on his team’s depth chart, which means he needs to take a seat at the back of the bus.


Good luck and I welcome your thoughts!


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