Other Viewpoints: HuffPost Readers on Kendall County Animal Control

Here are some comments from the Huffington Post article on Moose, the dog that bit a 6-year-old boy's face, and county leaders' responses.

The story of Moose, the 6-year-old bull mastiff who , has graced more than just the virtual pages of Patch.

The story burst beyond local media Friday after - when confronted in a public county committee meeting - that Moose had been adopted to a DeKalb County family within days of biting the boy July 3. Johnson had told local media that Moose had been destroyed when, in fact, it was another bull mastiff who was killed.

Patch's article was referenced in a Huffington Post account posted about 3:30 p.m. Friday. Huffington Post and Patch are both owned by Aol, but the Huffington Post article also referenced reporting by the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times (via The Beacon-News' Steve Lord).

By 7:25 p.m. Friday, the Huffington Post article had 93 comments. Here are a collection of some of the interesting viewpoints:

palafox: What a terrible mistake --she's probably really upset. Reading this reminded that moments before I underwent surgery on an injured knee, a nurse gave me a pen and instructed me to write "NO!" in large letters across the uninjured knee. Awful mistakes sometimes happen.

pa30: Sad, but mistakes happen.Hop­efully the officer used iv and not a very painful ic method.Sad­der still is the plight of thosands of dogs and cats in the Far East that are skinned for cheap fur ( we get some of it). (Click here to see the rest of the comment).

karen lyons kalmenson: all too sadly, this happens quite often, so....no kill shelters, por favor and neuter spay spay spay...is that subtle enough!!!

StopThePlanet: This is a horrible mistake but not really news.

calijohn2: happens to humans, too. people lie and the wrong/inno­cent person is executed.

hiddenfangs: Yet the police weren't there. Often people say an attack was unprovoked when there was reason, they just didn't want little Johnny to be blamed or they couldn't recognize the signs of an annoyed, angry animal.

aurora59: I agree. In fact that is the thing I find MOST concerning in the story! Another child might have been seriously injured one and two, now a family loves a dangerous dog.

Edev July 30, 2011 at 01:20 AM
Im happy and sad that all this has happend , I feel bad for the victims but my main concern is for the dog , and all the animials in the care of KCAC. Its a shame that if you are sworn to uphold basic humane rights to the animials under your care , yet completely wipe out and tarnish an entire dept over a lack of common sense. I can only hope that the changes being made are just a start , this facility needs money and a proper staff and oversight. Without that , it wont make much of a difference.
Ros August 15, 2011 at 11:36 PM
When did people's safety get to be unimportant? I work in the veterinary industry and find it all to often people make excuses for there horribly mannered pets. "Oh they are just scared or they were abused as a pup." It doesn't matter. I don't want my tax dollars to go to saving animals that bite people and paying the salaries of these people who have little common sense. I am so upset that anyone got bit after the first person. The orginal should be liable for letting a "loaded gun" loose on the community.


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