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Letter: Is Madigan Forcing 97th District Democrat Candidate Grosskopf Out of Race?

Reader sounds off on November election.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
A May 28th invitation to an event in Springfield that says “You’re invited to the Democratic Majority’s 2014 Candidates” was sent to Springfield lobbyists and insiders. The invitation includes a listing of the candidates including Moira Dunn who recently lost the March Primary election for a Judge position.

Moira Dunn lives in the 97th District, a requirement for a State Representative District. The Springfield gala replete with “Drinks and appetizers” was an opportunity to meet Michael Madigan’s hand-picked candidates.

Noticeably absent from the list was Dennis Grosskopf, the candidate whose name was actually on the ballot. This is the same candidate who actually circulated petitions and asked Democrat Primary voters to allow him to be their nominee. The Springfield rollout of Moira Dunn raises a number of questions for voters:

  1. Did Dennis Grosskopf remove himself from the ballot?
  2. If so, was a deal struck with Madigan for support in Grosskopf’s other endeavors? 
  3. Has Moira Dunn been offered a “deal”?
  4. When were Dennis Grosskopf, Moira Dunn, and Michael Madigan planning on sharing their conspiracy with the voters?
  5. Do they really think that voters are going to support candidates who do back door deals that bypass voters?

Dennis Grosskopf has maintained a low profile but untarnished reputation. Does he really want to engulf himself in such political chicanery? Time will tell but so will those of us who will keep watch on any appointments or campaign assistance from the Madigan machine.

Drew Harris

This letter wa
s contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation
Grandpamike June 10, 2014 at 12:45 PM
Maybe Shannon should do some research, as you have done, before printing this type of comment. If Drew Harris posted this himself, I have no problem as it is a blog, but by re-printing this false information by the Patch, just adds credence to an apparent falsehood.
Tim June 10, 2014 at 01:51 PM
GPM - Personally, I prefer anyone be able to publish anything they want. I leave it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions. Is this letter going to mislead some people? Maybe? But I would much rather give people the opportunity to post, then restrict their ability to do so through some sort of gatekeeper. As you may have noticed, I not only fiercely support the ability to post ones thoughts(no matter how disguised in the form of leading questions like this). I actually apply it equally to the things I don't agree with. It gives the opportunity for open and frank discussion(no, not you specifically Frank), and any holes that poked in these 'theories' or evidence to counter them ALSO gets spread to a wider audience, and that really is the point behind unrestricted speech. - Now, I know that is unusual around these parts, where we have local government officials proudly proclaiming how much they 'support the constitution', and 'believe in the right to free speech'... yet as soon as they turn their back they are off to the courthouse, to try(and miserably fail) to sue people for speaking out against that same persons role in government. - So I say... "Let them publish all of it!". I mean, could you imagine how boring it would be around here if we didn't have the clown show in Plainfield(I'm sorry, the PTRO) constantly putting their foot in their mouths?
Grandpamike June 10, 2014 at 03:26 PM
@Tim I am in no way advocating for denying anyone free speech. My point, was that responding to a comment in a blog, as we do here,is fine, my objection was that this was posted by the Patch, not as a response to a post, but rather a submission by Drew Harris, which in my mind, should be at least proofread before posting incorrect and misleading tracts. Maybe they are both and the same submissions. My concern is that anyone can write to the Patch, with the most farfetched, crazy idea or political statement, bearing no truth whatsoever, and have it published by said Patch, which lends a certain amount of credibility to the piece. I my be incorrect in how the Patch chooses to publish which letters/comments, but I thought they did, if so, that is also considered censorship by choice. As you have stated, I enjoy reading and debunking all of the comments here and will continue to do so, just thought I would air some of my thoughts on this letter. Peace.
Tim June 10, 2014 at 08:11 PM
GPM - I understand where you are coming from. You think this is giving credibility to this letter. I disagree. One of the great turnarounds was when the new editor took over here. The old editor was constantly micro-managing every comment to the point of being absurd, and even completely deleting accounts. That destroys open discussion, which is a bad thing to do if you are trying to build a participatory website(but a good thing to do if your are buddies with a local politician). I can only imagine the letters that didn't get printed under that ideology. We will never know what they said, because they had to pass through the self-appointed gatekeeper. Letters to the editor are open to everyone, regardless of agreement of their contents. Honestly, I like knowing that I live around conspiracy wackos, because it makes me all the more motivated to participate in my local government, if for no other reason than to nullify their vote. The PTRO has clearly shown what happens when rational people stay away from the polls, or are denied choices on the ballot. It is IMPORTANT to know these people exist, in order to prevent them from causing damage to the whole, for the benefit of the few. This letter has no more legitimacy than that guy I see standing on the corner of the road with the "Obama is Hitler" placard. I don't think most(not all) of my fellow neighbors are idiots or fools, and they are able to look for supporting documents or independent sources when claims like this are made. Absent those claims, it is only the medium that has changed from the crazy person on the highway offramp yelling nonsense at you. But even then, it is not the poster/person yelling that I look at, but the claims being made. Is there evidence to support the claims? Is there a reasonable explanation for these conclusions? Have you provided sources for me to look at and allow me to come to my own conclusions? Are there other more rational conclusions that better fit the evidence? -All that being said, it is clear that Mr. Harris does not understand the technology in use, and was not aware he can post this himself under one of the many sidebars available to him(Speak Out, Town Hall, etc). Publishing is open to everyone right now, unrestricted. The fact that it was a 'letter' actually gives it less legitimacy in my eyes, because it is being sent in by someone who clearly does not understand they are already able to do it themselves, and think that it DOES need to go through a gatekeeper(old media model). To me, that telegraphs 'out-of-touch', and the odds of the contents also being out-of-touch are rather high.
Raquel June 16, 2014 at 06:34 PM
http://plainfield.patch.com/groups/elections/p/grosskopf-out-of-97th-district-race?ncid=newsltuspatc00000010 The machine has just nullified your votes. Democracy denied. Now be quiet and quit your bloviating. Tis better to be thought of as a fool...


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