Security Camera Footage Shows Walmart Altercation

Newly released security camera footage provides a look at the confrontation between a Montgomery man and an off-duty Kendall County Sheriff's deputy in the Oswego Walmart on Super Bowl Sunday.

The released video footage this weekend from the at the Oswego Walmart.

Obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request from Patch, the Walmart surveillance video shows part of the altercation in which Jason Thurmond, of Montgomery, allegedly pushes the deputy and the deputy in turn pulls a weapon.

Thurmond, 38, was charged with misdemeanor battery after the incident. Thurmond has said he left the checkout to retrieve eggs from the store and returned from the aisles to find the officer arguing with his nine-months-pregnant wife.

Thurmond admits to shoving the officer to keep him away from his wife, he said, and that’s when the gun was pulled and pointed at his chest, he said. The 911 tapes from the incident reveal that the officer only announced himself as a sheriff’s deputy after drawing his weapon.

No shots were fired, and Oswego police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and charged Thurmond with battery.

In the first part of the video, Thurmond can be seen returning to the check-out at about the 12-second mark. At about the 30-second mark the deputy is shoved, and can be seen moving back into the scene. A few seconds later, the deputy can be seen drawing his weapon.

In the second part of the video, taken from a different security camera, Thurmond can be seen speaking with his hands up as the weapon is drawn. In the video's third part, customers at the front of the store can be seen running for cover as the weapon is drawn. The final section of video shows Oswego police responding to the scene just minutes later. 

 last week, when copies of the video were turned over to his attorney, Richard Irvin.

Irvin said Monday that the video "can be interpreted in a number of ways," and without audio, does not conclusively prove that Thurmond felt like he and his wife were in danger before the shove occurred. Irvin said he has witnesses that will testify that Thurmond told the deputy to back off more than once.

Irvin hopes to prove that Thurmond was acting in self-defense, and in defense of his wife. The issue is the level of threat Thurmond felt, he said. Had the deputy not been armed, he said, the situation likely would have been defused a lot more quickly.

"I think the fact that Jason clearly was the first person to make contact can be interpreted, and I expect the state will interpret it, as Jason battering him," Irvin said. "I disagree with that theory."

Thurmond has identified the officer as Dep. Craig French, a veteran with the department who serves as the public information officer. The sheriff’s department has not confirmed that French is the officer in question, but his name appears on the Oswego Police Department report from the incident.

He remains on active duty while the sheriff’s department conducts an internal investigation. Thurmond has filed a complaint against French with the department, and has said he plans to go forward with a lawsuit.

Thurmond’s next court date is June 13 at 1 p.m.

Monique June 16, 2012 at 05:53 AM
My grandpa always says IS NOT WHAT YOU SAY IS HOE YOU SAY IT. I feel that common sense was lost from the start. I don't know how anyone could fervour of place with a pregnant woman. How ignorant you have to be to try to argue with someone with child. I feel the "push" was in self defense completely. Yes the gun was far from wrong out of place for more than one reason and has no justification so I ask Why did only one person go to jail that day??? When is it ok to carry and armed weapon officer or not just to grocery shop ??? I pray that this case is seen for the raw truth and nothing more. All these excuses for why the officer can have a gun on him or not are nonsense. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. It's mind boggling how we are taught to never take justice into our own hands. This belief comes from the fact that there should be no bias and a third party with utter respect for the law and its ways should come to justice. I see clearly how people don't practice what they preach. Just because you have a job to serve and protect doesn't give you the right to bear arms where it was just obscene and uncalled for.
Maxwell F. Payne June 16, 2012 at 06:52 AM
he's a cop, of course evry1 will go after him. "he's aloose cannon" "oh my God he should be better than the rest of the human race, he's a police officer." C'mon.......I'm not saying he took the best action but you know what people shouldn't do in an arguement......go straight 2 physical contact. If I had 2 decide on just what I read and saw with no 1st hand accounts and the portions of video with no audio......every1 was wrong here. And it started when a person decided 2 take the confrontation from words to physical. Police fear harm as much as any other human being if not more.
michael a tkach March 03, 2013 at 09:03 PM
lets concider a few things here,is it legal to shove someone in the wallmart,no it is not.is it legal for someone to pull a gun and point it at someone who just shoved you in the wallmart,no it is not.did french announce that he was a cop before pulling his gun and pointing it at thurmund,according to whitnesses at incident,no he did not.is it legal for an off duty cop to carry his gun,yes it is.is it against the law to protect your pregnant wife from someone who is in her face screaming at her in the wallmart,i dont know,but if it were me,i would have told him 1 time to back off,then i would have done exactly what thurmund did.was thurmund arrested for his actions,yes he was,was french arrested for his actions,no he was not.did thurmand have his day in court,yes he did,and was found not guilty.did french have his day in court,no,he was never charged wit the crime he commited when he pulled his gun and pointed it at thurmand,and i doubt that the sheriff[randall]will repermand him for his illeagle act of pulling&pointing his gun at thurmand.did french need to pull his gun,no,thurmand was not beating him,his life was not in danger,but this cop thought he was above the law ,and he will do it again because as far as he is concirned,its ok for him to do so,why not,he has not been repermanded for his action because his boss[randall]is corrupt and evidently feels that it is ok for his sworn officers to act above the law,maybe next time french will shoot the next thurmand that is
michael a tkach March 03, 2013 at 09:08 PM
shopping at wallmart with his pregnant wife.OFFICER FRENCH&SHERIFF RANDALL BOTH SHOULD BE FIRED.the citizens of kendall county,and those people passing through,are in danger when the pilice,who are paid to protect&serve,are above the law.stay tuned folks,this is far from over.
john March 07, 2013 at 05:20 PM
john how come the one bullet barneys on the oswego police haven't done an investagation indepedently from kendall county. how safe do you feel when guns are being pulled at wallmart and our one bullet barneys are arresting grandmon for making christmas cookies in june. its pathatic they let some other cops poop on there turf and they put ther tail between their legs and stood in the corner like some beaten down helpless puppies. but good forbid your not wearing you seat belt or you j walked cause they will arrest you in the name of public safty. tell that to the inocent patrons of walmart feel safe hu!


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