Election 2013: Unofficial Final Results for Oswego Races

See where Oswego candidates stand as the ballots come in.

Update: 9:12 a.m. Wednesday: Kane County has offiicially confirmed that there will be no votes from them for the Oswego 308 election. All numbers are in. Due to the very close difference we are not "unofficially" calling it until we hear back confirmation.

Update 11:23 p.m.: All results are in except for Oswego 308 from Kane County. Kane County has been having website issues.

Updated 10:31 All election results are in except for Kane County for Oswego Library Board and Oswego 308.

Updated at 8:53 p.m.

8:15 p.m. with updated results from Kendall, library results from Kane

Updated: 7:43 p.m. with results from Kendall County early ballots.

Who's winning in Oswego?

Patch will update results periodically as the ballots trickle in for all four races - Village, School, Park District and Library - from the Kendall County Clerk's Office, Kane County Clerk, Will County Clerk and Aurora Election Commisison. 


Village of Oswego (FINAL)

Read: One New Face Joins Oswego Village Board of Trustees

 Three trustee seats are open for a four-year term

Candidates Vote Total Jeff Lawson (I)


Ryan Kauffman 708 Scott Volpe 930 Scott Finkenbinder 172 Pam Parr 908 Judy Sollinger


Ken Duda 522

Oswego 308 (FINAL)

Four board seats are open for a four-year term

Candidates Vote Total Danielle Paul 2034 Eva Renee Powers 1387 Matthew Bauman 2341 Bradley Schulz 1701 Michael G. McDowell 1698 Gregory O'Neil 1871

Referendum: Shall members of the Board of Education of the Oswego Community Unit School District No. 308 be elected at large and without restriction by area of residence within the District rather than in accordance with the provisions of subsection (a) of Section 10-10.5 of the Illinois School Code for mandatory board representation?

Yes No 1,889 1,616

Oswegoland Park District (FINAL)

One open seat for a six-year term

Candidates Vote Total Alvin P. "Phil" Smith 892 Roy White (I) 1,478

Oswego Public Library (FINAL)

Four seats are available for a four-year term

Candidates Vote Total Kandi Ream (I) 1,868 Vernita Hettrich (I) 1,891 Terry Tamblyn (I)
2,049 Craig Weber 1,985 Evelyn Givens 1,593
mike ellison April 11, 2013 at 05:47 PM
Joe-- it's because various incentives haven't worked in many areas over the years because there's usually no obligation on the part of the new business to have to remain in business for a certain period of time. If you drive throughout the suburban area and look at the thousands of vacant storefronts, many of those businesses had received incentives. So it isn't a guarantee at all that these various incentives will result in an overall positive financial picture for a municipality.
Budd Bieber April 11, 2013 at 10:57 PM
Some many comments, so much misinformation! Go to the library and start reading the Ledger from about 1993 forward and see what the Village has done to pay for growth. To Walt, the units on Rt. 31 are in Oswego Township, not the village. To Oswegosmarts, look at the income from transition/impact fees that the village has collected to distribute to the different taxing bodies. I don't give a rat's tail if you were born and raised here, lots has changed over the years. Pay attention before commenting.
Oswegosmarts April 12, 2013 at 01:19 AM
Coffeeboy for the "Good Ole Boys", Collecting impact fees and distributing them, Is that the best you can do. Pay attention to what. You are right lots has changed over the years, but since roughly 08 when the bottom dropped out did anyone make any changes to help the taxpayers. Have tax levys lowered. When you have the mentality that we can just keep raising taxes to make ends meet. Well wannabee that's the wrong approach. And while you metioned the Ledger tell me how many forclosures are in the Ledger nowadays. 6-8 pages.
Walt Hines April 12, 2013 at 02:57 AM
Ayar, I'll bet they give it 1 year before 8 hits. So as it stands we're only getting apartments? I thought I heard some where that they were actually building lost cost housing, as in privately owned houses? I think the apartment idea surpassed any endeavor that the current board has approved so far. ( gag and vomit) We need business and it can't come too soon. Somethings got to help with the taxes as most homeowners are strapped to the max now. Budd, glad to see you're having such a wonderful day! It's your bright shining attitude and way with people that got you elected for a second term as Village President of Oswego. That would be Oswego not Oswego Township, correct?
Harry Kari April 13, 2013 at 01:27 AM
Gosh, I missed the party. Wish I could have been here, then. Alas, no one will read my thoughts. Poor, poor, pitiful me.


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