Election Results Are In: Hultgren Holds on to Congressional Seat

Here are the final, unofficial results for all the races that matter to you.

See below for final unoffical vote totals from races for U.S. Congress, the State Legislature and Kendall and Kane counties and local referenda.

11th Congressional: Race Judy Biggert (R) vs. Bill Foster

Candidate Percentage Total votes Judy Biggert (R) 153,342 Bill Foster (D) 209,491

14th Congressional Race: Dennis Anderson (D) vs. Randy Hultgren (R)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Dennis Anderson (D) 120,760 Randy Hultgren (R) 173,317

25th State Senate Race: Jim Oberweis (R) vs. Corrine Pierog (D)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Jim Oberweis (R) 49,283 Corrine Pierog (D)

49th State Senate Race: Garrett Peck (R) vs. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Garrett Peck (R)
37,439 Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D)

50th State House Race: Andrew Bernard (D) vs. Kay Hatcher (R)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Andrew Bernard (D)
16, 743 Kay Hatcher (R)

75th State House Race: Jeremy Ly (D) vs. Pam Roth (R)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Jeremy Ly (D)
8,100 Pam Roth (R)

84th State House Race: Patricia Fee (R) vs. Stephanie Kifowit (D)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Patricia Fee (R)
9,648 Stephanie Kifowit (D)

Kendall County Coroner Race: Mike Dabney (I) vs. Ken Toftoy (R)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Mike Dabney (I) 43.3% 18,268 Ken Toftoy (R) 56.7% 23,896

Kendall County Circuit Clerk Race: Danae Iacovella (D) vs. Becky Morganegg (R)

Candidate Percentage Total votes Danae Iacovella (D) 39.1% 17,105 Becky Morganegg (R) 60.9% 26,689

Kendall County Board District 1 Race: Pick Five

Candidate Percentage Total votes Amy Cesich (D) 17.39%
Robert Davidson (R) 14.63%
Judy Gilmour (R) 20.30%
Matthew Prochascka (R) 15.78%
John Purcell (R) 15.49%
John Shaw (R) 16.42%

Kendall County Board District 2 Race: Pick Five

Candidate Percentage Total votes Lynn Cullick (R) 12.27% 9,608 Elizabeth Flowers (D) 11.27% 8,818 Evelyn Maxine Givens (D) 9.43% 7,383 Scott Gryder (R) 12.63% 9,885
Kristine Heiman (D) 10.68% 8,357 Herman Johnson (D) 8.79% 6,877 Dan Koukol (R) 12.01% 9,398 Jeremy Swanson (R) 10.85% 8,493 Jeffrey Wehrli (R) 12.08% 9,457

Kendall County Referenda

Shall every levy of every governing body within the County of Kendall, Illinois be reduced 20% over the previous year's levy?

Answer Vote total Yes  31,355
No 19,967

Shall the County of Kendall have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?

Answer Vote total Yes 4,831 No 6,068

Shall the County of Kendall impose an additional surcharge of up to $0.75 per month per network connection to the existing $0.75 surcharge (total not to exceed $1.50 per month) which surcharge will be added to the monthly bill you receive for telephone or telecommunications charges, for the purpose of improving a 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System?

Answer Vote total Yes  12,898
No 32,292

Should the United City of Yorkville purchase the Rec Center to operate as a public recreation facility through a 20- year installment purchase contract at a purchase price not to exceed $ 2.5 million with interest at a rate not to exceed 6% per year?”

Answer Vote total  Yes 3,408
No 3,704
Edward Redmond November 07, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Get ready to bend over for Bill Foster to stick it to the electorate. Anyone who re-hires a representative after he was fired in his old district two years ago needs their head examined.
Matthew Lenell November 07, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Congratulations to Bill Foster. His tenure was cut short by the Tea Party takeover before he had a chance to make a name for himself. Now he has that chance. So sad about Hultgren. I tried so hard to communicate with the guy but he is so stuck in his Tea Party ways that it is impossible. Hopefully he'll lose in the mid-terms never to be seen again. If he was still in my district, I would have fought tooth and nail to get him defeated, but alas...
Olivia5307 November 07, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Interesting how little support Kendall County Chair John Purcell received.
Tim November 07, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Nothing shows how little support you are getting, than winning the election. Statements like yours are exactly why Kendall County is quickly turning into the laughing stock of Northern Illinois. As a whole, the residents voted to; NOT save money on the REC center NOT save money on their electric bill but they want to cut every levy by 20%? The amount of uninformed voters it takes to arrive at these contradictory results is nothing short of amazing. The area is in for a long, slow death spiral with this level of education showing up at the polls.
George Jones November 07, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Yea ...ineffectual leadership and poor management skills have hindered John Purcell. He barely made it into the top 5 and should have been booted out earlier as his soul mate Suzane Petrella was in the Primary. Purcell should think long and hard about running for Kendall County Board Chairman again later this year. And if he does, the 9 other Board Members should not vote for him and instead vote for Judy Gilmour who garnered the most votes of any Board candidate running yesterday. Judy is a good person, an effective leader and can steer Kendall County in the right direction in the years ahead. She has to get in there and clean out the buddy like old guard of staffers including the unelected people like the County Administrator, Jeff Wilkins.


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