Another Speedway Station Under Consideration for Oswego

Gas station would be located at Wolf Road and Route 30.

A new Speedway gas station may be headed for Oswego near the intersection of Wolf Road and Route 30.

The only issue with the proposal is that part of that land is in Aurora.

Oswego Community Development Director Rod Zenner said the site that Speedway is looking at is two-thirds in Oswego and one-third in Aurora. 

Village officials have had several meetings with counterparts in Aurora, said Zenner, and they’re in discussion to have the back third annexed to the Village of Oswego. In exchange, Aurora would be looking for revenue sharing with Oswego.

Aurora officials have also said they do not want gasoline pumps to be installed on Aurora land, said Zenner. The city also doesn't allow alcohol sales in gas stations, so Oswego would collect that part of the revenue if applicable.

“I understand without their land we can’t complete the project,” said trustee Tony Giles. “But if they want to make restrictions on where the building and pumps can go, they need to give something.”

Police Chief Dwight Baird also added that Oswego police would be responsible for responding to any service calls from the Speedway, which does tax the village.

Trustee Jeff Lawson thought that the law enforcement should be prorated in the agreement.

Zenner said the village has been waiting to hear back from Aurora for “quite some time” on what Aurora would like out of the deal.

President Brian LeClercq suggested paying Aurora 25 percent of the sales tax for about 20 years, which he said is similar to other sales tax agreements the village has.

“If we went with 25 percent, we wouldn’t have to mess with liquor vs. gas vs. sales,” added village administrator Steve Jones.

Smokingdiesel January 29, 2013 at 03:31 PM
I think the police will suffer the most, if they have a drive off report to take all the way at the city farthest south east corner, and something happins back central Oswego response times are going to suffer, I mean really do we need another gas station? All the customer base are going to be aurora residents that come from east I rt 30, so for Oswego residents it's no benefit.
mike ellison January 29, 2013 at 05:44 PM
I can't think of a better reason to decline a building permit for a business other than this one where one business is located in two municipalities. That's the problem of the land owner who decided to purchase properties in two different areas.
Jerry Bannister January 30, 2013 at 04:51 PM
If you agree or disagree with a project, PLEASE go to the meeting(s) and voice your opinions in the "public forum" section of these meetings. I sit on the Oswego Plan Commission and always welcome input from the public. The members always do a great job of bringing pros and cons up, but having public input is great. I know for a fact that Trustee's and Commission members read the Patch, but you really need to go on record in front of the entity to make sure all hear what you have to say. Arguing on the internet just doesn't cut it.


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