Village of Oswego Approves KAT Park and Ride Pass Rates

Service will most likely begin at the beginning of next year.

The Village of Oswego approved last Tuesday the new Park and Ride pass rates out of the Orchard Road station through the new provider, Kendall Area Transit (KAT).

A 10-ride pass, based on the daily fare of $1.75, will be $17.50 and a monthly pass will be set at $30, said Mark Horton, Oswego’s director of finance.

To compare, the cost to park at the Aurora Train Station is $31.50 for a month, assuming one can find a spot, said Horton.

The annual revenue Horton said the village can expect from the pass sales is estimate to be $6,200.

The money made on daily park and ride fares will go straight to KAT and not to the village, so Horton encouraged residents to purchase the passes to support the village.

The KAT service will provide five different options to the Aurora Train Station and is expected to start in the beginning of January.  


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Dave Ruggles October 11, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Why would we give the daily fare to the provider. Isn't the village paying for this.
Louie October 11, 2012 at 01:49 PM
I park at ATS all the time, I find the comment assuming one can find a parking spot very misleading. There is although a monthly lot where the old lumber yard was that is very cheap. Plus unless the schedule drastically changes, I remember looking into the old park and ride and/or PACE service to ATS and it was horrible at best, if you have to work late catch a cab ($20+), have to go in early (drive direct to ATS). Still not sure the point to this except to spend money we don't have.
Logansdad October 11, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Enough with the park-n-ride already. The village needs to work with Metra to get the extension built to Oswego. They have been talking about this since 2000. If Metra is extended out to Oswego, there is no need for the park-n-ride service. Louie, parking in the main lot at ATS is usually filled by 7am. It can be difficult for those who arrive after 8:30am especially mid week.


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