Village Slates 20 Roads for Resurfacing

Is your street on the list?

The Oswego approved Tuesday night to go out to bid for the village’s 2012 road resurfacing projects.

After receiving a $1 million grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development, the village plans to repave all or parts of 19 village roads, along with the resurfacing of Wolf Road from Route 71 to Route 30.

The Wolf Road project alone has been estimated at $1 million. According to village documents, Oswego Township officials have agreed to pay 34.5 percent of the cost, as the road runs through part of the township's jurisdiction.

Roads may be added to this year's crop if bid prices come in lower than expected.

The following is a list of roads proposed for resurfacing this year:

  • Chesterfield Drive
  • Cinderford Drive
  • Cinderford Court
  • Landshire Court
  • Preswick Court
  • Tewksbury Circle
  • Tewksbury Court
  • Thornbury Drive
  • Thornbury Court
  • Lombardy Lane
  • Longford Court
  • Nottingham Drive
  • Nottingham Court
  • Old Post Road from Old Post School to Douglas Road
  • Pfund Court from Route 34 to Dead End
  • Adams Street from Route 34 and Van Buren
  • Hawthorn Court
Kelly Patten May 02, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Good point Katra, I didn't think of that, (the speed) I just know that it sounds like the trucks and buses are about to come in my family room sometimes from all the rumbling. I agree about the speed limit by the schools. I noticed Wolf's Crossing school and Benarcik have a flashing light and speed warning on Wolf and wondered why we didn't have one here but then remembered different town... A stop sign or light would also make sense at 5th st.
Hunt Club Resident May 02, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Why is Minkler Road (between Hunt Club and 71) not on this list?!? It has to be one of the worst in the village and is the main route for Hunt Club subdivision and school traffic to the rest of the town. The road is narrow and rough with a soft shoulder and is downright dangerous in the winter. Please fix it!
Wally Pickens May 04, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Minkle Rd. was slated to be resufraced last year but wasn't done, now it's not on the list. Village administration should go drive down Minkler when the buses are running down that road and see if they can avoid the holes from CHUNKS of asphalt missing. And drive it in the winter when the snow is drifting across it and you can't see the road. What about the safety of the children and residents of Oswego?
Fred Miller May 05, 2012 at 02:11 PM
I am also a Hunt Club Resident, and I was wondering the same thing, why is Minkler Road, not on the list, it should be done before any of the other roads, because it is a main route for SCHOOL BUSES, I have seen a four wheel drive Dodge Ram Truck, hit the edge of the road and flip over on its side, because of the condition of the pavement of this road, just THINK what would have happend if this was a SCHOOL BUS WITH 40 CHILDREN ON IT. It needs to be repaired now, before something really bad happens.
Steven Jack May 14, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Minkler Road will be resurfaced this year. Sorry for the confusion folks!


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