Oswego 308 Board Recognizes Three Educators for “Those Who Excel” Award

The award is given to educators who have made exceptional contributions to their school.

(L-R, front row) Casey O'Connell, Susan Stangland and Tammie Harmon recognized by the Oswego 308 board of education | Credit: Oswego 308
(L-R, front row) Casey O'Connell, Susan Stangland and Tammie Harmon recognized by the Oswego 308 board of education | Credit: Oswego 308
Three District 308 staff members were recognized at the recent School Board meeting for receiving the Illinois State Board of Education’s “Those Who Excel” award.
Dr. John W. Sparlin, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, opened the meeting by congratulating Churchill Elementary Principal Tammie Harmon, Churchill Elementary Assistant Principal Casey O’Connell and Oswego High School business Teacher Susan Stangland, for receiving this prestigious honor.
“The District is fortunate to have such leaders and dedicated educators who work so closely with our students,” Sparlin said to the Board. “We are proud of Mrs. Harmon, Mr. O’Connell and Mrs. Stangland and are thankful for their commitment to our children and would like to applaud their hard work.”
The award honors outstanding teachers, administrators, student support personnel, educational service personnel and community members for their exceptional contributions to schools throughout the state. A committee of peers determines the level of recognition nominees will receive—Excellence, Merit or Recognition.
Former Churchill Elementary librarian Pat Lofthouse nominated Harmon and O’Connell in the Team Category. The pair received an “Award of Excellence,” the highest award level.  Stangland was recognized with an Award of Merit.
The award nomination process is extensive and includes a biography, letters of recommendation, background check on professional development and community involvement and a personal description of their philosophy on education and their views on the state's most pressing educational needs. Only 46 nominees received the “Award of Excellence”. 

Provided by Oswego 308
Karin McCarthy-lange January 21, 2014 at 03:55 PM
Congrats to Tammy and Casey!! And happy that the board and admin have recognized what we knew all along - you are awesome!
Mike Francis January 21, 2014 at 07:34 PM
Churchill Elementary School is not making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) according to the state. So by one of the most important indicators, these people are failing at their job. And yet they receive "Those Who Excel" award? Is this some sort of joke? But we know that the District just loves to keep acknowledging failure. They just keep asking for more money while continuing to fail at their core function. It's nice to know that they have enough time to write their own biography, get letters of recommendation, conduct background checks, and write a glowing letter about themselves.


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