Oswego East Principal Leaving Post to Become Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Louis Lee will finish out the school year at OEHS before moving on to a job in the Indian Prairie school district.

Dr. Louis Lee. Credit: Oswego School District
Dr. Louis Lee. Credit: Oswego School District
Submitted by Oswego School District 308:

Dr. Louis Lee will be leaving his role as Principal of Oswego East High School (OEHS) in School District 308 to become assistant superintendent at Indian Prairie School District 204.

Dr. Lee was hired last spring and started at OEHS July 1, 2013. He will serve as OEHS’s Principal through June 30 before assuming the assistant superintendent’s role in School District 204 on July 1. The District 204 Board of Education approved the hiring of Dr. Lee on Monday, March 24.

Dr. Matthew Wendt, Superintendent of Schools for School District 308, said he understands Lee’s difficult decision to leave after having done an excellent job at OEHS, but he also noted the move is a promotion for him. 

“Dr. Lee has served OEHS and School District 308 extremely well. Although disappointed in his decision to leave at this time, I understand the attraction of the district administrative position offered to him,” said Wendt. “He and I discussed this difficult decision, but the promotion to a district-level leadership role aligns with his long-term professional goals. He worked in Indian Prairie School District as an assistant principal in the past, and his return to that school district to assume a promotion is understandable.” 
Indian Prairie is the state’s third-largest school district with just over 29,000 students.  Over the past decade, and through one of the nation’s worst recessions, School District 308 has experienced a rapid increase in enrollment to almost 18,000 students. District 308 recently passed School District 203 in Naperville to become the eighth-largest school district in the state.

Dr. Lee said he has enjoyed working with School District 308, and if it were not for the unique opportunity being offered to him by the Indian Prairie district, he would remain at OEHS.

“My decision was made with much thought, prayer, and varying degrees of reflection. I did not anticipate an opportunity like this to be presented,” Lee said. “It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to serve as principal in a district and school that focuses on student achievement and excellence. That dream was realized when I accepted the principal’s position at Oswego East. The way staff, students, and the community embraced me and allowed me to become part of their family is something I am truly grateful for and will never forget.”

Lee added that the District 308 community of parents, staff, and students are blessed to have a visionary leader in Dr. Wendt. “His commitment to excellence and high standards for achievement will continue to drive School District 308 toward becoming world-class," Lee said.

In his new role, Dr. Lee will oversee District 204’s three high schools.

Dr. Wendt said the district will move quickly into a search to find the next OEHS Principal and noted that the position will be posted March 26. Dr. Lee’s resignation will be a part of the personnel report at the District 308 Board of Education meeting on April 14.

“School District 308 has excellent school leaders, and those leaders will increasingly be recruited by other school districts. It is no surprise other systems desire quality leadership and often find that quality in our own people,” said Wendt. “Last year, School District 308 faced the challenge of recruiting and hiring the right leader for OEHS. Faced with this same opportunity, I can assure the faculty, staff, students, and parents of OEHS that the next principal will be another tremendous person and leader.” 
Mike Francis March 26, 2014 at 12:16 PM
It should be noted that this guy was at his prior job for less than one year. The idiots in our District hired a known job-jumper and will continue to do so. District 204 board members must be worse than 308.
Steve March 26, 2014 at 12:22 PM
The sad thing is that the kids liked him and his involvement in the school. He was very interactive with the students.
Henry T March 26, 2014 at 12:59 PM
Well, short of setting contracts for a specific time and you have to finish out the contract (think football, baseball, etc) along with the idea you would be liable for paying the guy in case something else happened (like in sports again). I am not sure how you prevent this... So is the expectation, that when offered a better job (more pay, more responsibility) that we expect people to stick around out of loyalty? In my experience in the private sector I haven't heard of anyone going 'Well, yeah that is more money a job with more responsibility that gets me closer to even a better job down the road in terms of pay and benefits, but you know I am going to keep my current gig.' Perhaps others of you have and I am sure some people have, but in general in the private sector people tend to move to jobs that provide more for them an their families. If he is successful at the role in IP then I would expect his next move would be into a full super role at some suburban school district. Not a bad gig.
KylefromOswego March 26, 2014 at 06:03 PM
Well said Hank. Too bad you have idiots who can make small minded comments and hide behind their keyboard! I have heard nothing but GREAT things about Dr. Lee and I personally was impressed with what I saw when I was at OE for a recent robotics competition. And most importantly the KIDS and parents love him from what I have been told. I'm not sure how the school is performing academically under his leadership, but I noticed on the state report card that OE scored higher that OHS on the ACT! For now I say thank you and good luck in your future position. By all accounts you have certainly left some large shoes to fill!


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