Oswego Superintendent Discusses District Priorities

The next school board meeting is Monday, Feb. 24.

Dr. Matthew Wendt. Credit: File photo
Dr. Matthew Wendt. Credit: File photo

At the Feb. 10 Board of Education meeting, District 308 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matthew Wendt updated the board on the timeline for the list of approved goals, priorities, and initiatives that need to be completed prior to finalizing the 2020 plan.

“This is a very aggressive and comprehensive set of priorities and initiatives,” Wendt said. “One can easily see why with the list of presentations and action items scheduled between now and the end of June, we have significant work to accomplish. What I am most pleased about is that we have not only identified important goals for School District 308, we are also in the midst of reporting our findings and soon will be offering recommendations to the Board of Education to improving overall student achievement.”

Board President Bill Walsh reacted favorably to what he called a “challenging list.” The district is in the process of working to have the 2020 plan approved before the June 23 deadline.

“Over the past 10 years, the district’s academic program infrastructure has not been at an acceptable level to prepare our students for the future challenges they will face,” Walsh said. “While the number of goals and associated timelines are extremely challenging, they are necessary for the district to become progressive and innovative, which will ensure a pathway to its becoming a world-class system.”

Wendt noted that the Feb. 24 board meeting will include a presentation on the academically gifted and talented audit as well as an evaluation of the district’s mathematics program and recommended curriculum.

He also recommended that a special Board of Education meeting be held March 31 to update and present information on the development of a new strategic plan.

“I am pleased with the outstanding commitment and work board members do on our behalf,” Wendt said. “This is difficult and challenging work, and the relentless pursuit to improve the school system is admired.”

Click here to view the District's Revised Priorities and Initiatives


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