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I am a happy father of three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I grew up in Chicago but moved to St. Charles when I was 17. My wife and I met in high school and moved to Geneva a few years after. Through the years I have worked in a variety of jobs. I guess you could say that I had a black cloud following me around for a while. Once company closed, another laid off 80% of their work force, and another closed up shop because of 9-11. Although this could be looked at as a string of bad luck, I like to look at it like this: All of the jobs that I held were different in various ways. They all gave me a chance to both showcase my skills and to polish or learn new ones. This diversity has given me a skill-set that not many people have. Most people are good or know how to do one thing, I know how to do many.
One of the biggest skills that I possess is working with computers and technology. I started with computers when I was 12 and never stopped. Since then I have learned a great deal about them and can do almost anything with one. I have also been writing for a very long time as well. Writing is one of those things that I have always done but never turned it into a profession until recently. I enjoy writing for my two blogs as well as the various online sites and various publications when the opportunity arises. My son has been an athlete his entire life and he has played travel baseball for Geneva for many years. He is in his last year of travel and preparing to make the move to high school baseball this coming year. He is also looking forward to playing football and has started his workouts with the team this summer. I look forward to that very much. My oldest daughter has a future in broadcasting and has been a part of the Geneva high school reporting cast for two years now. She shows great promise in this area and my wife and I are so very excited to see where she takes this. My youngest is still finding her way, but she has plenty of time as she is in fourth grade at the moment. She is a very talented girl and she loves to read books more than anything. I think she has my love for learning and if so the world is wide open for her. I cannot wait to see how she uses such a skill. Ass you can see I have a lot going on in my life but I am always looking for new and interesting things to write about. My two blogs: www.lookingforearth.com and www.dbdnet.blogspot.com contain a lot of different material by me as well as more information about me and things that I have done. If you are looking to learn more you can always take a gander at either of the blogs. I hope you will not be disappointed.
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